Mithun Bacheval

Mithun Bacheval is a public speaker & MC based in Hobart, Tasmania. He is excited to be doing readings, presentations, performances and forums at a variety of events around Tasmania.Mithun believes in ‘Empowering the next generation’- and he is passionate to engage with children and young people in schools/community to inspire them by sharing the concepts of kindness, peace, humanity, leadership, and the role of children in Australia to build a better world by effectively utilising the resources that they got in hand when compared to other parts of the globe.

Mithun arrived in Australia in 2013 and has completed a Master of Pharmaceutical Science degree from UTAS. He has received various awards for academic merit and community involvement, such as the Golden Key, Rotary Youth Leadership Award. Mithun is also a current board member of the Multicultural Council of Tasmania, and was the international student ambassador for the Hobart City Council. Outside of his work and studies, Mithun enjoys participating in Bollywood dancing, chess and debating.Mithun have  hosted various events as MC and been as a guest speaker to different community projects and meetings, and he loves to do this. Mithun is excited to engage further with the Tasmanian community and share his values and culture.

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