Rhythmz Bollywood Dance is a Bollywood dance school located in Hobart, Tasmania. It was founded in 2012 and encompasses a multicultural team of teachers who are incredibly passionate about sharing their love for, and skills in, dancing.

Bollywood dancing is a mixture of various styles that are situational and accessible to everyone, regardless of their knowledge of Bollywood. The dancing style delivers beauty, colour and fun to everyone.

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Creative director Amal Chandran came to Australia as a registered nurse in 2010 and is currently working at the Royal Hobart Hospital. His colleague Shobha Narayan worked as a dancer in Brisbane before arriving in Hobart in 2016 and working as a freelance architect.

Together they are passionate about creating and sharing their love of Bollywood dancing and are excited to be working in a variety of performances around Tasmania.

Check out the Rhythmz Bollywood Dance Facebook page here.

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