Lawrence Gino

Lawrence has been working seriously as a musician and community mentor since emerging with Community projects lead by Kickstart Arts in the early 2000s, including Power Hip Hop (with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra).

Lawrence has been employed regularly by Kickstart Arts and more recently by the Education Department for his skills as a musician, writer and mentor. He has produced numerous community events and a CD “The Uncovered Saga”. He has performed at many festivals including Dark MOFO, Falls, Equatorial Big Day Out (Sydney), Red Dirt Poetry Festival (Alice Springs), Moonah Taste of the World.

Lawrence was also involved in a production called “Breaking”, which was a collaboration with KickStart Arts and Tasmanian Arts Centre Salamanca. It included dance, music and story telling about the refugee experience.

Lawrence has three kids aged 7, 5 and 1 and owns Howrah Fresh Fruit and Vegetable market but still finds time to mentor younger hip hop musicians from his M’adi community and has an ongoing collaboration with them as well. Request performer

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