Meet the Rhythmz Bollywood Dance Crew

Name: Rhythmz Bollywood Dance Performance type: Bollywood Dance Why did you start performing? Dancing is a big part of our culture and it helps to spread joy and fun within the community. It is also a great medium to keep in touch with people who have same interest and fantastic way of keeping fit. Through Bollywood dance, we connect to the culture and diversity we grew up with.

Meet Mwase

Mwase performs traditional Malawian dance, percussion, story telling and singing. Hiss friends and family describe him as “funny, very passionate about things and engaging” and he love it when an audience becomes involves and participates in one of his performances.

Meet Shewit

Meet Shewit, a talented female vocalist, performer and rapper who writes her own music. She’s been performing since she was 7 and has no plans to slow down. Read on to find out more about Shewit and read about her most memorable performance which featured performing in Grease and a wardrobe malfunction…