TasPerforms Scholarship – Artist Residency at Tarraleah

A big thank you to Tasmania Performs for providing Inspire performer Shuang Shuang Zhang with a scholarship to attend the Tasmania Performs Artist Residency at Tarraleah in late October!

It was a wonderful opportunity for Shuang Shuang to network with other artists, explore new project ideas, consider new collaborations and explore cross-art form possibilities.


Showcasing diversity in Arts in Tasmania

“If we had even the faintest of doubts whether our art would be accepted in Tasmania, it vanished when we became a part of Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania’s Inspire program. Not only did we get to showcase Indian dance forms across various platforms and events, we also received love, encouragement and complete support. Everywhere that we have performed, spoken on radio and conducted workshops, we have felt special and cherished.” – Dancing Divas

The latest edition of FECCA’s Mosaic magazine is out and features an article written by some of our Inspire performers about their experiences in Tasmania!

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What is cultural performance?

What is cultural performance and why is it important? 

We are thankful that our Inspire performers are assisted and supported by ExitLeft Performance Academy. Our performers offer a wide and varied range of performance types and each artist’s performance is influenced by their own culture and background. So across our performers you can witness a wide range of spectacular diversity. We spoke to Ian Williams, the Managing and Artistic Director at ExitLeft Performance Academy, the performance company that trains our Inspire performers and helps them to become ‘stage ready’.

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Lawrence Gino

Lawrence has been working seriously as a musician and community mentor since emerging with Community projects lead by Kickstart Arts in the early 2000s, including Power Hip Hop (with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra).

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