Welcome to Inspire!

Welcome to Inspire! We are delighted to launch this exciting new program in 2017.

This project is managed by the Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmania) Inc. and was launched to enable multicultural performers in Tasmania to connect more easily to their audience and find their centre stage.



Inspire – Multicultural talent flourishes in Tasmania


This evening the Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmania) (MRC) will launch Inspire, an innovative and vibrant program that will connect Tasmanian Multicultural Performers to the broader community.

Pictured: Shobha Narayan (left) and Amal Chandran (right) – Rhythmz Bollywood Dance

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Mwase Makalani is a Malawian musician and dancer. He is an incredibly talented percussionist, performing world music on a variety of African percussion instruments.

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Rhythmz Bollywood Dance is a Bollywood dance school located in Hobart, Tasmania. It was founded in 2012 and encompasses a multicultural team of teachers who are incredibly passionate about sharing their love for, and skills in, dancing.

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The Tasmanian Chinese Arts and Communication Society (TCACS) showcases a wide variety of Chinese culture through instrumental presentations and traditional dance. Portraying over 56 different Chinese ethnic groups, the performances incorporate traditional Chinese instruments, such as the guzheng and the erhu.

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Paywand is a Hobart-based group, performing Afghan House Music with a clever fusion of styles based on traditional Afghani, Persian and Indian music. The members of Paywand began as young musicians in Afghanistan, creating upbeat, inspiring music and captivating audiences with a rich, cultural experience. Read More


T-Kay is an outstanding Rwandan singer, songwriter, producer and performer, showcasing a unique commercial style of Afro Pop. His highly engaging music incorporates many of the eight languages he speaks, accompanied by upbeat congo, R&B and dance hall rhythms.

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Mithun Bacheval

Mithun Bacheval is a public speaker & MC based in Hobart, Tasmania. He is excited to be doing readings, presentations, performances and forums at a variety of events around Tasmania.Mithun believes in ‘Empowering the next generation’- and he is passionate to engage with children and young people in schools/community to inspire them by sharing the concepts of kindness, peace, humanity, leadership, and the role of children in Australia to build a better world by effectively utilising the resources that they got in hand when compared to other parts of the globe.

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The Dancing Divas are an Indian dance group established by Bhuvana Veeramani. They perform a fusion of classical, Bollywood, folk and western dance styles, presented with passion and exuberance, the dances express joy and happiness.

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Shewit Belay is an Eritrean singer, with a love for R&B, funk and all things soul. Shewit migrated to Australia with her family at the age of five, and commenced her musical journey at the age of seven in a school talent show.

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