Shuang Zhang

Shuang Zhang is a conservatorium trained Chinese opera singer and dancer, now living in Hobart, Tasmania. She has been singing for more than a decade, specialising in traditional Chinese Opera.

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Elhadi is a young Sudanese hip-hop artist, now living in Hobart, Tasmania. He is a natural born storyteller and has been writing, producing and performing his own music for more than three years.

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The Karen Choir is a community choir of over twenty members, based in Hobart, Tasmania. Members range from sixteen to sixty, creating the most beautiful sense of community with older generations passing traditional Karen songs and skills down to younger generations. Read More


Annick Audrey is a 21-year-old Rwandan singer and songwriter, performing incredibly personal songs with a powerful message. Read More


Narbada Thapa is a self-taught dancer, performing Nepalese dance in traditional dress and with Nepalese music. She has danced in a variety of events around Tasmania, including performances at Harmony Day celebrations and at Parliament House.

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Johnny Wright is a talented Australian singer and guitarist. Gifted with a golden voice, he performs classic 60s songs, inspired by his father’s love of songs from that era. Johnny has a remarkable talent for telling stories, and provoking emotion in his songs.

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